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About University of Gloucestershire

Founded as a teacher training college in 1847, the University of Gloucestershire has a mission that is “Founded on values, centred on students, focused on learning”. Students learn from experienced professional experts to develop inner confidence, skills, knowledge, unique experiences in order to help students fulfil their future plans.

Unique Fact

The Gloucestershire Employability Awards are awards given to students based on their extra-curricular and employability skills development achievements. The requirements for awards include a mix of work experience, attendance of employability events and reflective/professional writing pieces.


  • Accounting and Financial Management Studies
  • Business and Marketing Management
  • Computer Games Design
  • Drama and Performance Practice
  • Graphic Design
  • Sociology


First Degree: 6405
Postgraduate: 1540

Female: 4940
Male: 3565

UK: 8030
EU: 110
Non-EU: 365


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